Getting published is a great feeling!

It is a pretty cool feeling to be published. If I had to boil it down to 2 words they would be: "Humbling" and "Satisfying." If you pick up February's issue of VIE magazine and read the article on local artist Charles Johnson and Charles Johnson Gallery, you will be greeted with a full page photo of Charles and his dog Jackson taken by yours truly!

 My favorite part of the process was hearing feedback from Lisa Burwell, CEO of VIE who told me how she loved the mood and setting of the photo and how it puts the article in a warm and inviting mood from the start. Those words are the kind that provide confidence and reaffirm what I am working towards. As creatives, there can be times when we wonder if it is worth it or if we are worth it. I know that I deal with that feeling at times. The important thing is to remember your passions and why you pursued the creative life from the beginning. For me, it has been a challenge but rewarding at times as wel. I love gaining perspective about people and it is a special feeling when trust forms and people let you in and it no longer becomes a job but therapeutic and educational on a social and emotional level. It becomes a connection and a team effort that empowers all involved.

Enough about me and what I think, what victories have you experienced or are working towards? I would love to read your story in the comments below and learn more about what you are working on. Feeling discouraged? Successful? Somwhere in between? Let's open up a dialogue. If you would feel more comfortable keeping it private, you can always contact me through the menu at the top of the page.