Ashlee Karin and Rapport

While working with Ashlee, I noticed that she had a good deal of experience mixed with being flexible to adjustment. By having that combination makes her a great model to photograph and allows for more of a team based shoot where you and your model are suggesting and trying out ideas that make for a fun and rewarding experience. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

I am happily consider her a friend in addition to a client. It is not always possible but if you can help it, always work towards building a good rapport with who you are photographing. It could be that I am sensitive to the look but I have lost count on how many photographs I have seen that were "ruined" by something in the client's expression. Be it nerves, lack of confidence or improperly built trust, the feeling your client is feeling inside will show in the final result. How do we combat this? Make a plan for the shoot with your client so that you feel more prepared, the client feels more involved and you get a sense of what they are comfortable with. Also, talk to your client because it does matter how much experience they have in front of a camera, looking into the lens of your camera can be pretty impersonal and intimidating. If you have those two things under your belt, you will have an idea of their personality and ideally get into a flow where the real magic happens and you are working as a team.

In this set of shots with Ashlee, I think it shows that it is possible to get a variety of looks possible from a single, multi layer outfit. By adjusting lighting, poses and composition and switching between having the jean jacket on and off, I was able to capture a pretty good variety of looks. Don't be afraid to adjust poses and light placement because you might find that your model's look changes based on the placement of those two factors. In the case of Ashlee, placement to the camera resulted in different looks ranging from powerful, soft, sexy and elegant to name a few. Each client is different and not recognizing that can cause you to miss out on that mind blowing shot you are looking for so my closing thought is the importance of experimenting and trying to get in tune with your client.

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