Down the Rabbit Hole with Allison

Model / Actress Allison Cain as Alice

Model / Actress Allison Cain as Alice

Concept photo shoots can prove to be a unique challenge that by the end of the process result in being in the most fun. In my experience, they involve a variety of elements that are out of the norm that need to align in order to become a reality. I enjoy working with fellow Northwest Florida based photographer Melissa Thurber as much as possible since we have developed a bit of a short hand with each other and at the same we have different perspectives / styles which ends up working really well for the models that we work with.

BTS with Melissa Thurber and Allison Cain

The process for our concept shoot with Allison Cain began on and off a few years back where Allison actually approached Melissa and I separately at different times and scheduling mixed with a question of how to approach the concept of Alice Gone Evil. Based on the final result, I am glad that the stars aligned when and how they did because Allison made for the perfect Alice for the concept and it quickly became clear the motivation behind her dream of taking on the role of Alice. Just awesome is the simplest way that I can describe how it all came together. 

Photo by Melissa J Thurber Photograhy

It was unexpected but it was very cool that I was able to participate on both sides of the camera by taking on the role of the Mad Hatter because what would an Evil Alice with a little Mad in the mix. By looking at our photos together, it is clear that I made the right choice. The dynamic that resulted came out awesome. Thanks to Melissa's posing, make up and lighting I look way cooler in eye liner than I have any right to.

In retrospect, it was a great shoot that shows how well collaboration can work when everyone works together. We captured some great shots and had a fun time in the process, definitely the best way to work.

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