Headshot Session with Christine York of Christine York Creative and Flomobooth


Improvised Concept Session with Julia Campbell

Coming up with a creative concept on the fly can be a unique challenge. I know my comfort level is highest when I have a chance to plan out every aspect of a project and try to anticipate all potential issues. That being said, some of my favorite images I've captured have come from ideas that were not fully developed or were, in some cases, spontaneous. There is a certain rush and focus that I feel from creating something out of what was initially scattered. It's stepping out of my comfort zone, trusting the creative process and working through those uncomfortable feelings. It isn't easy but man can it ever be rewarding. My recent session with Julia was one of those experiences. We really didn't have an idea before meeting up but decided to seek out the local Goodwill for inspiration.

In a short time, we were able to find 3 different looks and the rest of the collaboration was able to flow from there. Working it out in the moment initially created a bit of a fight or flight response. After a few deep breaths and an evaluation of what we had to work with, it was ultimately exciting. It was an opportunity to create something fresh and improvised. I am thankful for that opportunity because I could experiment outside the pressure of paid work, and it ended up working out really well.

The takeaway is that while comfort is pleasant, stepping out once in a while can give you a glimpse of what you really are, not just what you think you are or what people perceive you to be. In turn, you experience a gain in confidence and growth - the value of which cannot be understated.